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You can now easily add Sentinel-2 scenes into your GIS application and immediately gain access to the wide range of bands combinations and indices.

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We are honored to have been selected as the overall winner of the
2016 Copernicus Masters!

Satellite imagery and GIS

Satellite imagery and GIS have greatly expanded opportunities for data integration, analysis,
modeling and map production for environmental monitoring and assessment.

We can process satellite image data of different spatial, spectral, and temporal resolutions by using the appropriate combination of sensor bands to provide different imagery products, which can be used for a wide variety of applications, including resource management, mapping, environmental monitoring, and change detection.

What do we do?

We make satellite data (Sentinels, Landsat and other providers) easily accessible for you to be browsed or analyzed, within our cloud GIS or within your own environment.

Get satellite imagery on your table without worrying about synchronization issues, storage, processing, de-compression algorithms, meta-data or sensor bands.

Take a look at our Sentinel Hub brochure for more information.

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Browse available data using EO Browser

Use our EO browser to filter real-time data by location, date and cloud coverage.

EO Browser

Hover over the numbers to learn more about each step.

  1. 1STEP 1Specify an area of interest.

  2. 2STEP 2Define the temporal settings (e.g. last available data, last available data without clouds, one month ago, specific time period or any combination).

Configure visualisation

On-the-fly processing and visualization make it possible to build new products in a matter of minutes.

Hover over the numbers to learn more about each step.

  1. 3STEP 3Choose amongst several pre-set visualization options e.g. true colour, false colour, NDVI, EVI, etc.) or define one that suits your needs best.

  2. 4STEP 4Download full resolution image.

Expose the data via WMS

Make your data available online, across different platforms and clients.Try our WMS/WMTS service.

Hover over the numbers to learn more about each step.

  1. 5STEP 5Choose the coordinate projection you would want to use the data in.You can choose amongst standard ones, e.g. EPSG:3857, "Google maps", EPSG:4326, "Google earth", UTM or the national ones - in case your is missing amongst the options, let us know so that we add it.

  2. 7STEP 7Get unique WMS address.

  3. 8STEP 8Include WMS in any 3rd party tool, e.g. QGis, ArcGIS, OpenLayers or other proprietary tools.WMS is based on OGC standards so it should work everywhere.

You want it faster?

For each request you make, we have to analyze several hundred trillion pixels, which takes some time. Most of the requests are handled in a couple of seconds. If you need it faster, there are options available, based on your needs.

  • Server-side caching
  • Pre-processed tiles, available as WMTS
  • Deploy the service in your own environment

Satellite hub in numbers:




sq. km covered



(as of September 2nd 2017)

Click play to watch the "Sentinel Hub" showcase video.

You want even more?

We can perform change detection, land classification and other advanced imagery analysis for you.

If you want it in other ways, not just as images, you can:

  • Use API to access raw data and statistical analysis.
  • Use service to see timelapse of changes through time.

If you need additional quality improvements, we can perform color correction, atmospheric corrections, ortorectification based on better local data.

Satellite imagery infrastructure

Service-oriented satellite imagery infrastructure takes care of all the complexity of handling satellite imagery archive and makes it available for end-users via easy-to-integrate web services. The main features of the system are:

  • automated archiving process
  • rolling archive of multi-spectral data
  • full resolution preview over the web
  • time-lapse functionality
  • time-series statistical analysis tools for an area or point of choice
  • script-based on-the-fly definition of new products
  • reprojected WMS services for integration into 3rd party tools
  • APIs for advanced feature integration

Click play to watch the "Sentinel Hub - insight into technical capabilities" video.

Globe on hand

Sentinel covers every corner of the earth. Every week.


Configure visualisation, from true colour to NDVI and other indices.

Full archive access

Compare with older data to identify changes.

Easy integration

Integrate processed images into your own applications using standard services.

New data notifications

Get notifications when new data arrives.

Statistical analysis

Select area and data range and run statistical analysis to identify patterns.

Build new EO products with us

In case you would be interested in adding some value added services to the data, either for research or commercial purpose please contact us.

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