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Sentinel Monitoring

We have introduced the Sentinel Monitoring, interactive maps for observing land changes using ESA's Sentinel-2 earth observation data.

This application allows you to interactively browse full-resolution, global, near real-time satellite imagery within hours of it being acquired and compare the data from different time periods. Some of the main functionalities are:

  • Filter imagery using criteria such as cloud coverage and observation time.
  • Different visualization options for example true color, color infrared and Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI).
  • View changes over time using the compare analysis tool - comparison of data on two different dates. You can for example asses the impact of specific interventions to the environment.
  • Also, a time lapse creation tool is available (for monitoring long-term changes).

Compare Tool

Compare before and after images of water levels at lake Oroville, US.

Another example - building the Yavuz Sultan Selim bridge near Istanbul.


Check the showcase video to get more information:

Sentinel Monitoring


P.S.: If you find some nice examples of land change, let us know. :)