Sentinel Hub takes stage at the ESS conference 2016

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European Space Solutions conference

Sentinel Hub takes stage at the European Space Solutions conference in Hague, Netherlands ( - .

The conference was accompanied by an interactive public exhibition showcasing the many benefits of the EU space programmes. We presented the potential for using space technologies from the Copernicus (Earth observation) in different fields of work and talked about what is possible and needed in the future.

The video clip courtesy of Associated Press.


"The Sentinel Data itself are best used for agriculture, because they have a multispectral data in a good resolution and you can monitor the state of vegetation with it. You have a new data every week, so that you can see how your field, your crop, is developing, and you can see which parts of the fields are developing good and which not, and you can then apply appropriate measures, like fertilisers in some specific areas."

Grega Milcinski, CEO of Sinergise