Sinergise partners with WIZIPISI to offer Sentinel Hub services in Poland

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We are excited to announce a new reseller partnership with the Wroclaw Institute of Applied Spatial Information and Artificial Intelligence (WIZIPISI). As part of this alliance, WIZIPISI, a company providing products, services and solutions based on cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements, will offer Sentinel Hub services in Poland.

We offer a satellite image web services for seamless integration of open Earth Observation (EO) data (Sentinel-2, Landsat, etc.) in any web, desktop or mobile GIS application. Our combination of software engineering skills and domain knowledge makes it possible to focus on parts of the process, which bring highest added value to the customer.

Sinergise offers open satellite imagery data fully accessible and useful for companies and individuals by hiding complexity of archiving and processing petabytes of data and dealing with multi-sensor and multi-temporal data. WIZIPISI offers a personal approach to our existing and potential customers in Poland, which will make Sentinel Hub services even more reachable.

City of Wroclaw, aquired on January 28, 2017 with Sentinel Playground a, demonstration tool of Sentinel Hub services

Sentinel Hub

Sentinel Hub provides unprecedented access to earth observation data, focused on Sentinel satellites but also supporting other sources such as Landsat, Planet and others. It uses Amazon Web Services cloud and innovative methods to efficiently process and distribute data in a matter of seconds. It can be integrated into any mapping application for web application allowing for any easy-to-use and cost-effective way to exploit the data. It removes the major hassle of downloading, archiving and processing petabytes of data and simply makes the full and global archive easily available immediately via web services. Application developers can focus on added value services and end-user applications rather than having to deal with the complexity of remote sensing data. Sentinel Hub will increase the uptake of the Copernicus programme.


    About WIZIPISI

As a young company, operating on the market since 2013, WIZIPISI is dynamic and focused on knowledge engineering, data exploration and intelligent GIS. The founders of the Institute are passionate about spatial information and information complexity management. Their team members have an impressive track record of scientific achievements with a wealth of experience in public administration and multinational corporations. The activities of the Institute are supervised by the Scientific Council, composed of highly renowned Polish, German and American scientists.