Wildfire in Canada as seen by Sentinel-2A

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A destructive wildfire burned through Canada’s Northern Alberta region, razing neighborhoods in Fort McMurray and displacing tens of thousands of residents. On May 2, 2016, the Sentinel-2A satellite acquired this true-color image that clearly shows smoke pouring from the devastated area.

When this image was acquired, the fire was burning southwest of downtown Fort McMurray. By the evening of May 3, the fire has already spreaded to the suburbs of Fort McMurray.


Before-and-after satellite images show Fort McMurray engulfed in smoke. A larger version of "before" image from April 12 can be seen here and "after" image from May 02, here.


Before-and-after NDVI images.


Visit our Sentinel Monitoring tool where you can use compare analysis tool to see how wildfires have grown.



The aftermath of the Fort McMurray wildfire (false color image on the left side shows the extent of fire on May 02; the right side shows the devastated area on May 12).



The devastated land is getting green again (image on the left side shows the devastated area on May 12; the right side shows the same area on July 11).