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For efficient analysis of the Sentinel-2 data, users do not want to worry about concepts such as "product", "granule", "scene" and others. They simply want to see or use the data. This is why Sentinel Hub performs automatic on-the-fly mosaicking, based on the chosen criteria (e.g. time range, cloud coverage, priority). However, sometimes users still want to know details, how mosaic is composed, e.g. on which date some scene was taken. This is now possible using standard WMS feature info functionality.

Sentinel Mosaic outlinesSentinel Mosaic

Sentinel Hub performs automatic on-the-fly mosaicking. The image on the left shows date stamps of each scene within mosaic.

The WMS feature info tool uses a WMS query to get information about a point on the map. The information may be in a display-friendly format such as HTML, or a machine-friendly format, depending on the server’s capabilities and the client’s configuration.

Feature info

WMS feature info request.

For more information checkout the showcase video

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