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Configuration Utility

OGC services configuration

Since WMS parameters (for historical lookup, cloud coverage filtering, advanced styles, etc.) are not supported by all GIS clients, we have implemented our own WMS configuration tool, which allows you to configure WMS instances to your needs.

Every registered user can add as many unique-named instances as he/she chooses. An instance acts as a separate WMS/WMTS/WFS/WCS service and each can be configured to provide a certain set of layers with different settings. It is therefore possible to create multiple instances each with a different set of layers fulfilling various needs. Instances may contain an arbitrary number of layers. Each layer is associated with either one of the raw Sentinel-2 bands or the products (such as TRUE_COLOR) and product styles. Layers are also additionally configurable using the settings defined above, such as MAXCC, TIME, the max area limitation, etc. The instance itself also has some global settings for default values on all layers, like image quality.

To configure your instances and layers, go to:

Configuration Utility

To use the WMS or WMTS service use the provided WMS or WMTS URL which contains the selected instance's ID.

User Guide

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More details

More details about custom URL parameters, output image formats, atmospheric correction, preview modes, custom evaluation script, and which operations can be used with WMS, WMTS, WFS or WCS services is available here.


Sentinel data is free. However, we still have to cover the infrastructure for processing this and distributing them to you. Beside research and commercial packages, enterprise level service and in-house deployments are available as well.

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