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Find out how you can use Earth Observation and tools to address various subjects of interest.


Wildfires from Satellite Images

In recent years we hear a lot of news about wildfires occurring in areas where they did not occur often in past. In spring and summer 2018 we have witnessed the boreal forests in Siberia burning at extraordinary rates, last summer the wildfires suddenly erupted in Portugal, and in September 2017 California, US was in flames, firefighters were fighting with more than 9000 fires.

More Information

Satellite Landscape

Page about exploratory overview of current and upcoming sources of data, processing pipelines, and data products. It is aimed at helping non-experts explore and harness the unfolding revolution of Earth observation, with an emphasis on understanding current capabilities and project development considerations.


Seeing Earth from Outer Space

General introduction to remote sensing with short history. The page also contains amazing interactive visual material.


Remote sensing indices

Repository which contains a collection of custom scripts for Sentinel-Hub, which can be fed to the services via the URL.


ESA's Classroom Resources

The page crated under the Climate Detectives project includes inspirational resources for teachers to engage students to learn about Earth’s climate and how to monitor our planet from space. It is a great starting point for everyone entering the remote sensing field.



Everyone can contribute to raising awareness about remote sensing. You can do it in several ways:

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