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What has changed in the 2017-11 release?

A 2017-11-23 release of Sentinel Hub services is bringing some changes in the use of APIs, which will make it possible to continue with future improvements. You might want to read a public announcement about it here.

We've put a lot of effort into making the changes backward compatible and the majority of users should not feel a difference. However, as our services are being used in the most innovative ways, it might be that some actions will be needed on the side of our users.

How can I get source data for the scene?

In case one needs, for a specific purpose, source data used for some scene, he can use a WFS request with the same parameters as for WMS. A response will contain a path attribute, e.g. something along the lines of:

"path": "s3://sentinel-s2-l1c/tiles/310/S/DG/2015/12/7/0"

It is then possible to access these data from AWS, where they are stored by adding relevant filenames, see typical structure of a typical scene at AWS bellow.

How can I get access to commercial data (Planet, RapidEye, Pleiades, etc.)?

Due to different licensing model we cannot provide free access to these datasets. One therefore first has to order the image through us (most commonly an on-going monitoring of specific area on daily/weekly/monthly basis). Once this order is processed, we will make the purchased data available through Sentinel Hub services in the same manner as other data.


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