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How can I access meta-data information for Sentinel-2 L2A?

Grid of solar zenith angles and grid of solar azimuth angles are accessible by names sunZenithAngles and sunAzimuthAngles, respectively, and can be used in a similar way as band values, e.g.:

  • return [sunAzimuthAngles/50];
  • return [sunZenithAngles/60];

There are also two grids named viewZenithMean and viewAzimuthMean that contains average viewing incidence angles (zenith and azimuth) across all bands and detectors. They can be used as, e.g.:

How can I access data in Landsat 8 Quality Assessment band?

The Landsat Collection 1 Level-1 Quality Assessment (QA) 16-bit band, as defined at, contains unsigned integers that represent bit-packed combinations of surface, atmospheric, and sensor conditions that can affect the overall usefulness of a given pixel.

Designated fill, terrain occlusion and cloud values represent if a condition exists:

- 0 = This condition does not exist
- 1 = This condition exists

How soon after acquisition are data available?

We put a lot of effort to make data available as soon as possible. However, we depend almost entirely on how fast the data provider can process and disseminate the data.

For Sentinel products, ESA usually makes them available on their OpenHub in 6-12 hours (target timing is 3-6 hours, sometimes it takes longer, even more than one day). We instantly pull data down but as it takes some time to download complete data, it might take up to one additional hour before they are available on Sentinel Hub.

How can I get source data for the scene?

In case one needs, for a specific purpose, source data used for some scene, he can use a WFS request with the same parameters as for WMS. A response will contain a path attribute, e.g. something along the lines of:

"path": "s3://sentinel-s2-l1c/tiles/310/S/DG/2015/12/7/0"

It is then possible to access these data from AWS, where they are stored by adding relevant filenames, see typical structure of a typical scene at AWS bellow.


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